“Future of the ‘Library’: Unique GHO+Design Challenge #DTK12Chat This Wednesday

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“Future of the ‘Library’: Unique GHO+Design Challenge #DTK12Chat This Wednesday

What is the future of the school “library”?  Last month I took my stab with “Replace ‘Library’ With ‘Portal of Idea Flow’?” on Edutopia. It built on ideas shared by Beth Holland and others, on discussions we see all over the country/world about how these library spaces might evolve and be re-imagined in the future of K-12 learning.

imgresJoin us this Wednesday on Twitter #DTK12Chat at 9 PM ET/6PM PT for a unique opportunity to share stories, ideas, and imagination about libraries and innovation spaces of the future.  Beth, Lisa Palmieri, and I will co-host with a live video GHO discussion of what we know, what we hear, and what we might imagine.  At the same time, design thinking leaders Trey Bolden and Joseph Broughton will co-lead a live design challenge on library-of-the-future on the Twitter stream.

Hard to imagine a venue for more real-time, visible, and expansive thinking with a diverse group of colleagues; see you there!

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