Guest Hosting #ISEDCHAT Twitter Chat This Thursday, 9PMET/6PM PT “Busting Silos”

imgres-1I am honored and excited to have been asked to guest moderate the #isedchat Twitter chat this week as school leaders gather virtually on Thursday at 9 PM ET/6PM PT. Yes, the name implies this is an indy school chat, but we all know those artificial boundaries that separate public and private school educators are just anther silo we need to bust! If you are not a Twitter user yet (yes, there are 1-2 of you out there; you know who you are!) this would be a great chance to lurk, dip hour toe in the pool, and see the simplicity and power of the medium and the connections you can make without lifting more than a finger.

My subject is “Busting Silos”; we will use the traditional 6-Question format, and some of the questions I might tee up include…

  • Share a “How might we…?” question that would lead to fewer silos and more nimbleness and comfort with change at your school.
  • Share a “What if…?” question that would lead to more network connections with colleagues, ideas, knowledge sources.
  • What are the toughest silos to bust at your school?
  • Who is responsible for busting silos at your school? If A=”everyone”, what are you doing about it?
  • How do you and your school colleagues bust silos between subject departments and divisions?
  • How do teachers and administrators work across silo boundaries at your school…or do they??
  • Does your school operate largely as a silo apart from other schools? If not, how have you busted that silo?

….and more.

So join in for a few minutes or an hour; learn, share and meet some new colleagues who can help you with your work!  See you Thursday online.


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