Martin Fellows to Facilitate Active Learning Workshops at Summer Conference

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Martin Fellows to Facilitate Active Learning Workshops at Summer Conference

Some of our true thought leaders and teaching colleagues are coming to Memphis in June to facilitate workshops at the Martin Institute Summer Conference, June 10-11. Last year’s conference had 800 attendees from 21 states. Join these Martin Institute Fellows for affordable, accessible practices that you can immediately use to help transform your students’ learning experience:

  • Jill Gough, Director of Teaching and Learning, Trinity School, Atlanta will “help teachers find a path for formative assessment that leads learners to level up. Learners will be able to say ‘I can…’ and ‘Can you help me…’ based on the assessment, thus empowering the learner to have control over the path to success.”
  •  Dr. Robert Dillon, Director of Innovation, Afton School District, Richmond Heights, MO will “build capacity in the attendees through discussion, conversation and action planning on strategies to maximize student engagement by creating permeable classrooms, using social media to engage experts, learning in the community, and connecting students with authentic audiences.”
  •  Glenn Whitman, Director of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Potomac, MD will “provide teachers and school leaders foundational knowledge in the principles and strategies of neuro-education: using modern research in how the brain actually works to enhance learning.”
  •  Alice Parker, teacher, Presbyterian Day School, Memphis, TN will “use design thinking to create classrooms of understanding. We will share hands-on learning experiences that are living parts of our curriculum, not simply ADD ON lessons.”
  •  Philip Cummings, teacher, Presbyterian Day School, Memphis, TN will “move beyond simply teaching content to helping our students develop the critical and creative thinking skills they will need to thrive in the modern world. We will explore the value of critical and creative thinking and examine how to develop student thinkers by using visible thinking routines and creative thinking techniques.”



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