Hotbed Atlanta; Weekly Video Interview From Unboundary

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Hotbed Atlanta; Weekly Video Interview From Unboundary

I am about to leave Atlanta and turn west on the final leg of my EdJourney, and just wanted to thank all the folks here who have shown such great interest and hospitality.  The Atlanta area is a real hotbed of school innovation, and I don’t think it is just serendipity.  There are a number of great private schools that are taking seriously the traditional lab role to try, experiment, and share with each other and with the public school sector.  Public schools are willing to share back and to engage.  Major corporations based here are actively engaged in working with schools, not just with money, but in thinking about how education can improve, and how we need to change to generate that improvement.  And finally, there is a core group of forward-thinking educators who get together in both formal and informal setting to network, exchange ideas, and feed enthusiasm. We all have a lot to learn from this connectivity, and there will be a great deal more to keep our eyes on in the future.

Here is my weekly video interview with Bo Adams in the Unboundary design studio; Bo and Unboundary are going to be one of the keys to the connections described above.

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