Industrial Age Education Dies So Learning Ecosystem Can Thrive: D39C

photo 1I am so honored and lucky to have been involved in the creation of Design 39 Campus, the new K-8 school in Poway Unified School District. Leading education reporter Katrina Schwartz does a better job than I have in the past of painting a picture of D39C, so check out her article in MindShift and pass it along to your colleagues.

Better yet, and some schools have already set this into their calendar, come visit.  If I am in town I will meet you; if not, there are plenty of other great other educators to meet.  Mostly, you will want to just walk, observe, take notes, and talk to the kids; that is where the center of gravity of learning is at D39C. Yes, the spaces may be something that you do not have or cannot recreate at your school, but the spaces do not lead the learning; it is the other way around. This is a school where “peak learning” experiences will be the norm, not the exception, where the industrial age model of education dies in order for the learning ecosystem to thrive!

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