Join LIVE Video Feed and #DTK12chat From #FUSE14 Wed, 6PM ET

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Join LIVE Video Feed and #DTK12chat From #FUSE14 Wed, 6PM ET

Do you wish your professional development budget was larger? Great interactions, learning, and personal growth do not have to always include getting on an airplane. Here is another simple, great chance to expand your comfort and knowledge base with both design thinking and online collegial connections:

There are more than 200 weekly Twitter chats hosted by K-12 educators, open to anyone, usually about an hour, where you can connect and learn from colleagues who share your very specific, or more general interests in education. They are incredibly efficient, free, open events where many colleagues “filter” the knowledge world and share what they know.

One of these is the weekly #dtk12chat, which stands for Design Thinking K-12 Chat, held most weeks at 9 PM Eastern Time.  If you have not attended in the past, here is a great chance to get your feet wet.  This Wednesday it will be hosted at 6 PM ET, LIVE, from the Museum of Design Atlanta in conjunction with #fuse14.  How is this chat different? There will be a live video feed at this link; you can watch interviews and interaction by some of the #fuse14 attendees. Simultaneously the Twitter chat will go along at #dtk12chat, so you can comment, ask questions, or just interact alongside those both in Atlanta and around the world.

For those of you new to Twitter, I posted some pathways to get involved!



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