Leveraging Your Voice to Transform Education

Leveraging Your Voice to Transform Education

As I started to think about how to launch my new book, Moving the Rock, I came cross Thunderclap, a fascinating crowdsourcing site.  It is not about raising money; it is about raising our collective voice.  The idea is simple: propose an idea; set a target of gathering other people who share your idea; and if you hit your target, the idea gets posted out to tens of thousands of other people so a much wider audience can see and hear our passions.

In my case, the big takeaway from the new book is that we don’t need permission to change our schools; we can just do it. I am so passionate about this opportunity to transform education, that I am donating pre-order book royalties to six education non-profits.  So with one click of support at Thunderclap, and by sharing this with your social media followers, you can BOTH be a lever of change AND push MY money towards a worthwhile cause. I need just 250 supporters by August 15, so please click there and please share.  What is not to love?!  Thanks for the support!

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