My Wisdom Road Home Starting This Fall

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My Wisdom Road Home Starting This Fall

A year of research, watching a thousand YouTube videos, and lots of discussion with my wife, Julie, but we finally landed on what I hope is the perfect RV for my Wisdom Road journeys. Small enough to drive and handle myself with little worry; big enough for both of us when Julie joins me for sections of the journey.

Yes, it’s a lot bigger than the backpack I left home with when I was 24, with a one-way ticket to Asia. And yes, a lot bigger than my Prius in which I traveled for 3 months in 2022 on my EdJourney project. But I could not see spending month after month this time in hotels, let alone that expense. The trusty chain motels that five years ago were $70 a night with a free breakfast are now double that at least!!

The journey starts in September! Utah, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Idaho, Nevada. Get photos and short reflections from my journey by joining the Wisdom Road Facebook Group. Hopefully they will help you get through YOUR day just a little bit better!

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