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New Post on When Trajectories of Change Cross

A growing number of those I consider “leading edge” educators are joining an interesting new collaborative, Transcend Education, to share ideas and resources where appropriate on our work with specific schools and districts.  It gives all of us an extended set of muscles to help you, the transformational educator, achieve your goals.

I have agreed to periodically share some of my current thinking as a guest blogger on their site, so you might want to bookmark it. I think this is a very high-quality, growing group, and one to follow.  In my first post with Transcend today, I extended my previous comments on the ideas of trajectory.  I included some of my thinking that will be expanded upon in my new book, Moving the Rock, which is now in final editing stage:

Just think about this: in one generation, our elementary-level learning goals at some schools have shifted from typing on a keyboard to using computer-aided design software to program a 3D printing machine to build a prosthetic hand.  That is a very steep change curve—and it is the steepness of this curve that demands that we fundamentally change our concept of “school.”

The rate of change in much of our society has exceeded our ability to adapt in real time, which requires a new set of approaches to finding, sharing, filtering, and synthesizing information.  This is the bold new frontier of learning!


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