“Rebuilding the K-12 Operating System” published on Transforming Teaching

Yesterday I published what I think is my most important contribution in the last year since #EdJourney hit the shelves.  It is a short article that was chosen to launch a new collaboration, Transforming Teaching, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education by Prof. Jal Mehta and his team.  In Rebuilding the K-12 Operating System I outline what I believe is a central thesis of the challenge to transform education: we will not evolve a post-industrial age model of knowledge creation and transfer, until we stop designing “hardware” and “software” for an “operating system” that is 150 years old.

The time, treasure, and intellectual capital that currently goes into transforming education are almost all expended at levels of focus that will not fundamentally change the system.  More fundamental changes lack profit incentive to vendors and may have a longer period of evolution than the quick fixes we all want to see.  They must evolve systematically, synergistically, and to a large degree, simultaneously, from a matrix of collaborative sources, which means the process will be complicated and messy.

I look forward to following future articles by this team as they mine and share the thinking of others about big changes that we see in the future of K-12 education.


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