Reminder of Some Great Reads

Reminder of Some Great Reads

I have had a full spring/summer of reading, and thought I would pass along the following recommendations (most of which came to me through recommendations of others!):

Some of these I have already blogged on, so have created the link to those reviews:

A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger

Creative Confidence by David and Tom Kelley

Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux

The Rise by Sarah Lewis

The Myths of Creativity by David Burkus

I wish I had the time to write more fully about Burkus’ book, but I am swamped preparing for a bunch of August workshops.  This book looks at a number of myths about what makes individuals and groups creative and leads to innovation.  Each myth is refuted with both narrative examples and, for the most part, published research.  These refutations are truly important for educational leaders to understand; much of how our schools are organized and operate is founded on myth, not reality.  I won’t go through all of the arguments here; I Tweeted out a number of highlights and the book is a relatively fast read, largely because once laid out in the light, the refutations obviously make more sense than the myths they bust.

I am about to launch into The Multiplier Effect by Wiseman, Allen, and Foster; more on that one later!

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