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More Schools That “Do School Differently”

In my new book, THRIVE: How Schools Will Win the Education Revolution, there is an appendix with a list of schools that I have curated over the last five years, schools that “do school differently”.  I offer this as a “starter kit” for my readers, schools with which you can share ideas and igniters of “what if” thinking.  In the book I note that neither I nor anyone else can keep track of ALL of the schools that are breaking new ground, but we can all do our part to build and share this community knowledge-base.

Another source has just been created by The Christensen Institute: their “Canopy” report on 235 schools that were nominated by a number of regional and national education networks. It is interesting that these networks missed what are, in my opinion, some pretty obvious and tremendous exemplars, but the positive is that there are 235 starting points, many near you, if you want to go on school visits.  I suggest virtual visits first to spend less money, but lists like these are great ways to ignite and amplify transformational professional development.  Others have probably already created the wheel that you want to adopt at your school!

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  1. Stephen Dunn September 7, 2019 at 4:35 am - Reply

    Grant, thanks for sharing this report. It is always interesting to see how lists are curated and better understand their methodology. It is inspiring to see so many schools doing great work to stimulate their student’s learning. We all have important work to do in education, and we can use all the help from our colleagues that we can get.

    • Grant Lichtman September 7, 2019 at 2:28 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Stephen; Nueva belongs on most of these lists!!

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