So Much of DT=The Falconer! (Live From #FUSE14)

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So Much of DT=The Falconer! (Live From #FUSE14)

Shameless plug? Yeah, a bit, but I cannot help but reflect on how much of the conversation amongst this group of educators at #fuse14 parallels the core elements of my first book, The Falconer. I guess it was inevitable at this venue: a key driver of #fuse14 is Bo Adams who was one of my earliest supporters in The Falconer as an outline of transformed learning. Thanks goodness, unlike when I first conceptualized the skills and process that The Falconer describes in 1985, we are at a point where those arguments are behind us. We are not talking about “should” we transform the learning system, but “how might we”.  The process of developing a mindset open to the world around us; of understanding our own worldview and empathetically that of others; of finding problems and asking questions before leaping to answers…and making it accessible to students young and old; all this is what we are practicing in DT this week!

The book intro is free to download over to the right of this page.

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