The Future of Education is Already Behind Us

The Future of Education is Already Behind Us

Here is what keeps me up at night: this 3D holographic learning is ALREADY a reality.  How is your school or district preparing to intersect with a near-future where this is common place?  If not, how can “school” be the place where students prepare for their own futures?  How can we even put this kind of learning in the same universe as one where students sit in a walled classroom and listen to teachers and read from outdated textbooks? And this is not a teacher-less world; it is a world where teachers and students all have vastly more relational empowerment than any of us do today.



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  1. Rob Bean May 5, 2016 at 12:16 am - Reply

    Pick a career & get,skills necessary to succeed on it.Global economy dictates be,a player or planned obsolescence. Got MBA with 6 mos experience job. Still shaking earth 40 yrs later.Ed lies ahead for those who endeavor, rather than wait to win reality show.

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