The New Franken-Teacher?

The New Franken-Teacher?

What if we could evolve a new “teacher” who was 1/2 great leader-learner and 1/2 entrepreneurial start-up fiend?  What if we could weave those two strands of personal and professional DNA together? Isn’t this the model we want our students to follow?

Schools that are moving quickly off of the traditional assembly line model of industrial age education supply the nutrients that allow this teacher morpho-type to evolve.  They create openings and opportunities and provide resources and support that have always been the lifeblood of entrepreneurs.  They focus professional growth resources on teacher as ‘lead learner” not static content pusher.  They hire new teachers into their school based on evidence that incipient strands of both elements of this DNA already exist, knowing that is is far easier to nourish and grow what is already there than to re-create something from scratch. They expect teachers to collaborate on research and development.  Where do teachers find time for this in their busy schedules? By incorporating their own learning and growth into, and alongside, that of their students.

Want to see rabidly engaged students who want to be at school and deeply understand the context and relevancy of their classes? Allow them, empower them, “farmed” by their teachers, to also be part learner and part entrepreneur start-up fiend!

How might your school create and sustain a Frankenstein-like design challenge to accelerate the evolution of the new generation of teacher “LeadLearner-preneurs”?

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