Transforming Education: The Rise of the Tribe

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Transforming Education: The Rise of the Tribe

It is a pretty fair estimate that 7,000-10,000 American educators participate in at least one education Twitter chat each month of the school year.  I also asked the EdCamp foundation to estimate about how many American educators attended at least one of these day-long events in the last year.  Their best estimate is in the range of 40,000, and it could be more.

Why should we care about this?

In one year, something like 40,000-60,000 American educators are making time to participate in free professional learning, focused on something that interests them, without funding from their schools or, most likely, direction from their supervisor.  Less than a decade ago, participation in these two learning opportunities was zero.

Educators, like all humans, seek out their tribe.  The draw of the collective is powerful, because we like being and sharing with people who are interested and excited about things that interest and excite us. We are willing to join our tribe without additional extrinsic motivation. The intrinsic rewards are enough.

Over the coming school year I am piloting a new form of educator collaboration using free Zoom video meet-ups.  Anyone can join; we can gather up to 100 people for a single event; they will never take more than an hour; and by using break out rooms, Padlet, and a highly active format, our learning can be deep, rich, and personal.  If you like the topic, you join and learn; if not, maybe the next time.

Schools are some of the most siloed working environments on earth…and we don’t like that.  Those of us who want to change how schools work know that we have colleagues who want to help show the way; we just have to connect.  So that is what we are going to do!

Join our first pilot program, sponsored by the Center for Transformational Leadership. By registering here you get an event password and a spot in event. It is FREE. You will meet and interact with colleagues who share your interests.  Rock star Bo Adams will my guest for the first gathering, Oct. 10 at 7 ET/6CT/5MT/4PT as we gather and dig deeply into “What Do I Want For My Classroom of the Future?”

The education revolution will not be authorized. Just do it.  Yes we can. Let’s roll! 🙂

Learn a lot more about how educators are transforming schools without explicit permission in Moving the Rock: Seven Levers That WE Can Press to Transform Education

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