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Christmas Wish

On a warm Christmas morning, my first thought is to count my blessings, thank my wide circle of friend/colleagues for the year, and wish everyone a happy return on the day…which of course I do!  Then I think what I would really like for Christmas…

So deep are the divides of the human experience: north and south, rich and poor, oriental and occidental, smart and slow, consumer and producer, leader and follower, believer and infidel.  I think the truly existential divide is this: some people value and embrace diversity of viewpoint and others do not.  Those who do will find ways to solve problems and live in peace, however uncomfortable.  Those who do not will never be at peace with others. What a simple but deep divide that knows no bounds of culture, geography, religion, or tribe.

So if I were able to insert one learning experience in front of all others in every home and school in the world, it would be this: let’s teach our kids to be more seeking, tolerant, and willing to engage with divergent viewpoints.  Let’s get more people onto “our” side of this, and fewer on “their” side.

Of course, since I am 100% sure I am right about this, that makes me intolerant of the view that I am wrong!  Ah, nothing is easy.

Merry Christmas to all!

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