Video #EdJourney on #EdChatNZ: Collaborate With Global Colleagues Down Under

We all know that the friendliest people on earth live in New Zealand…and so do many wonderful, passionate, forward-leaning K-12 educator-learners!  We had a wonderful live video chat and Twitter back channel this week attended by MANY Kiwis as well as colleagues from Australia and Asia. I was happy and honored to stay up late to share the key lessons of my new book, #EdJourney; it is, after all, YOUR story, the story of how educators like you are changing the face of K-12 learning in order to better prepare our students for a rapidly changing world. You can connect with this great group of engaged educators via the EdchatNZ blog and on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Video #EdJourney on #EdChatNZ: Collaborate With Global Colleagues Down Under

  1. Katriona Main

    OH My GOODNESS…….I missed it! Where was I????? Writing an assignment I think…..Will watch as soon as the assignment has been uploaded. #Edjourney arrived in my mailbox during the week. Coming to the plane to Vietnam with me on Monday. Looking forward to reading it 🙂

    Kind regards

  2. Grant Post author

    Have a great trip, Katriona! Hope the book will create some thinking nutrients for you, and that Viet Nam will provide some places to drink tea and let you mind wander!


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