“I Vow Not To Be a Bystander”

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“I Vow Not To Be a Bystander”

“I vow not to be a bystander and wait for a directive”.  This from educator Renee Costarella, a personal manifesto that she will be part of education transformation, not because someone else gives her permission, but because she sees the right way forward.  This is the kind of empowered leadership and action that will Move the Rock of K-12 education.  It sounds a lot like Kaleb Rashad: “The revolution will not be authorized!”

Find your tribe: others at your school, or in your community, both physical and virtual.  They are out there; they want to share their successes and support you.  The tribe of edu-change leaders is growing radically.  It can be a bit scary to reach and and join, but the energy and rewards are more than sufficient reward for many.

Thanks, Renee for creating this great sketchnote!


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