Warren Berger’s “A More Beautiful Question” (Thx to Alyssa Gallagher)

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Warren Berger’s “A More Beautiful Question” (Thx to Alyssa Gallagher)

For the first couple of chapters of Warren Berger’s wonderful book A More Beautiful Question, I was selfishly angry and jealous.  So much of his writing seemed straight out of my own mind and thought process, starting nearly three decades ago; why had I not written this book myself? Why did I not have the courage of my beliefs and follow them then, rather than take the career paths I have? So much of this book has been relevant for a long time…and I always hoped to be part of that discussion.

And then I got over myself and just enjoyed the read, so much so that I got to the end and found I had bookmarked so many passages that the job of summarizing it for my blog readers seemed too large to tackle.  Wrongly, I set it aside for later.  Now, thanks to Alyssa Gallagher, I am bailed out!  Last night on the weekly #DTK12chat, Alyssa posted this wonderful doodle, her notes on the book, and it is a more elegant summary than what I might have written.  Thanks, Alyssa, and thanks to Warren; the book is a great read for all educators who know, or should know, the timeless truth that learning is based on the questions we ask, not the answers that are expected.


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  1. shadylaneschool May 29, 2014 at 4:48 pm - Reply

    Nothing better than a post that makes you go right to Amazon to add to your wish list. The concept inherent in the simple phrase “a more beautiful question” is breathtaking. And anyone who can summarize in a series of doodles is a genius…thanks to both Grant & Alyssa for this gift of sharing.

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