“Deeper Learning” Cheat Sheet; Feel Free to Share

For two years I have been collecting notes from blogs, books, school observations, and more discussions with more educator colleagues that I can remember or cite.  I keep hearing many of the same ideas about how to transform the factory model classroom into a deeper learning experience more relevant and attuned to the future needs of our students.  Here is a summary list of three key elements that may be a helpful guide for your teachers who ask “what should I do to transform my classroom?” (I am also saving it as a .pdf on my resources page so you can share.)  What if every teacher chose and demonstrated a major leap forward in just a few of these areas?  How might that transform learning at your school?

Increasing Student Engagement

  • Working with peers
  • Connect with the real world; link frequently to current events
  • Get out of seats
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm
  • Use visuals
  • Give students choice; focus on intrinsic motivation
  • Demonstrate frequent empathy
  • Mix things up
  • Working with technology
  • Teachers have fun

Increasing Curiosity

  • Value and reward curiosity
  • Empower students to ask questions that drive curriculum
  • Encourage students to tinker, both physically and mentally
  • Put curious and less curious students in the same working groups
  • Value and teach skepticism
  • Explore a variety of cultures
  • Visibly model curiosity for your students

Building a Student-Centered Classroom

  • Students feel valued, respected, and part of the whole team
  • Students are held responsible for their learning
  • Students make decisions about the physical learning environment
  • Students are expected to make choices on projects, assignments, and partners
  • Teachers inquire about the needs of their students
  • The physical set-up of the room is dynamic
  • Students get most of the “air time” during class
  • Teachers have a balanced role as facilitator, instructor, and coach




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