Brother Henry Testifies His Story on Wisdom Road

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Brother Henry Testifies His Story on Wisdom Road

I would write a lengthy blog quoting Brother Henry Mooney who I interviewed today in his tiny church next door to where he serves food and provides clothing to the homeless three days a week.  He grew up on these tough streets of San Antonio, graduated high school, went into the Army, and when he came out, well,  I just hope you listen to him for three minutes.  As we sat in the front row pew of this tiny church, Brother Henry asked me if I would like him to testify, and I have learned on this Road to never say no.  So, here is his story said better than I could.

How does Brother Henry get the homeless, the addicted, the hopeless to engage with him?  “First thing, I show them compassion. And I listen. A lot. You just don’t blow them off, and then over time they can begin to build a trust in you because you’re giving them time.”

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  1. Ceci February 23, 2023 at 10:30 pm - Reply

    Nice! But this sweet man needs to give his own self a lot more credit.

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