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The Real Fuel of Wisdom Road

Wisdom Road is not fueled by diesel alone.  Much more, it is fueled by generosity, hospitality, patience, and a willingness to both invite in, and share deeply, with a total stranger.  The vast majority of people I meet along the way, I have never met before.  They don’t know who I voted for in the last election or what I think about the supposed hot topics of the day.  On this leg alone:

Michael and Molly

Like Molly and Michael Amini, they have taken me in for more than a week, with a wonderful bedroom, workplace, meals, connections with friends, and even tickets to the rodeo!

Like the Monacos in Dallas, they have given me a bed and dinner.

Like Wilkerson’s Moravian Bakery in North Carolina, who sent me INCREDIBLE snacks, cookies, and pastries for the larder!  (Check them out:

Like the Clyne’s in Brownsville, who set up countless interviews.

Brother Henry

Like Brother Henry, they have prayed for my journey.

Like Melissa Orth who bought me dinner last night after setting up six interviews with Jewish senior citizens in Dallas.

Like the colleagues I have never even met who are setting my interviews for me in Lafayette and the Mississippi Delta.

Like the 200+ people who have joined me virtually on this Road by simply following along on the Facebook Group.

And so many more.  Thanks to all.  What if we all took that simple leap of faith to trust and sit with “the other”, learning from them, rather than deifying them, being angry at them.  People help me because their faith suggests that we should help others, or because they are interested in my journey and what we can learn.  Mostly, they help me because they are kind, and it is in our nature to help a pilgrim.

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