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Catlin Gabel Upate at 9:30 AM

I have NO idea what is going to happen with a bunch of 6th graders start cold-calling business to solicit donations in support of a refugee family in a couple of hours.  Look at the list they kids brainstormed.  Will they even get through to a real person? Will that person believe the pitch that the kids are writing now?  Will they get a lot of hang-ups? Is there any way that these companies can make a decision in real time to make donation in goods this afternoon

Like the other experiences this week, these are authentic, real-world experiences that may or may not work.

The 8th graders are learning to iron and fold clothes.  They report that they REALLY enjoyed Transportation Day, and that, for the most part, their teacher/chaperone did not help…though at least once she had to catch herself.  This is great learning for both students AND adults!

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