Catlin Gabel Update 10:30 AM: Shopping and Cooking

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Catlin Gabel Update 10:30 AM: Shopping and Cooking

In one morning, can students learn about how food is cooked, the value of money, and how to take care of their own basic food needs?  This is a start.  This morning the 8th graders were given the ingredients and a recipe for how to make dough; the room is a bit of a mess with flour on the floor, but all of the dough is now rising!

Then, groups created recipes to cook, using $40, a one-hour cooking window, and the requirement to deliver a salad, a main course using their dough, and a dessert.  They just left on the bus to go shopping; they get 20 mins in the store, and if, as happened yesterday they are even “22 cents over” at the checkout they have to make some very quick choices.

And I LOVE this rubric that is being used by a group of parent volunteers to taste and rate the food!

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