Fabulous Advanced Praise For My New Book: THRIVE

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Fabulous Advanced Praise For My New Book: THRIVE

My new book, THRIVE: How Schools Will Win the Education Revolution, won’t be out until the fall, but I just had to share at least one bit of advanced praise, from Andy Calkins, Director of education innovation leading Next Generational Learning Challenges:

Imagine you are climbing a mountain with a large group of people. Hard challenges ahead. Now imagine that you have the wisest and most capable, ingenious, clever, and informed trail guide you’ve ever met at your side, helping you plan and execute your climb. You feel better, don’t you? If your mountain-climb is redesigning a school to serve students in this vastly challenging world, Grant Lichtman is that guide and this book is your trail map. Don’t begin your climb without it.

Education is undergoing a fundamental evolution as we attempt to catch up to a world that is changing at a very rapid rate.  Not all schools will survive this evolution, yet we know how best to tackle the challenge.  I have thrown everything I have learned in the last decade about how some schools are “winning” this battle into the book.  It is not a silver bullet solution for all schools; that does not exist.  It is a set of tools that we know work, translated into the unique language and life of schools.

The book is out via Corwin Publishing in the fall; look for information on pre-order sometime over the summer!

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