Three Major Articles on Early Lessons From COVID-19

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Three Major Articles on Early Lessons From COVID-19

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter or have not checked that lately, here are three articles I have published via major education sites in the last three weeks. They look at various high-level lessons we are learning from the COVID-19 shut down as viewed through the lens of education:

COVID-19 and K-12: What Are the Problems We Are Trying To Solve.  Results of major Zoom chats with 150 diverse education stakeholders in the early weeks after most schools shut down.

Will the COVID Crisis Really Change Education?  Some big reasons to hope schools might change after this experience, but some very pragmatic reasons to avoid dewey-eyed optimism.

Radical Connectivity: A Potential Big Win For Educators From COVID-19  If we can maintain and build on the explosion of connections ignited by the crisis, we will have taken a big leap forward, if late, to the 21st century.

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