Win-Win-Win Student Apprenticeships in Colorado

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Win-Win-Win Student Apprenticeships in Colorado

New learning modalities continue to explode across America.  20 years ago, 90% of US students went to one of three kinds of school: neighborhood, parochial, or private.  Now, innovative hybrids are rising faster than we can keep track.  Check out this win-win-win partnership amongst companies, schools, and students in Colorado, reported last week on the PBS News Hour.  This kind of apprenticeship/internship has been common in Europe for decades, leading students to very well-paying jobs that are waiting for them when they graduate.  This is another great example of busting the boundary between school and world that forms just one chapter in my new book, Moving the Rock.

We CAN transform education when we get past the finger pointing, and just do it!  How might YOUR school build on this model?

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