A Very Worthwhile Hour of Powerful Learning

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A Very Worthwhile Hour of Powerful Learning

Most of you don’t have many spare hours, or maybe you do, but only when you are driving somewhere or on a plane.  Fine; here is a great way to spend that hour. It is a podcast that is not about the nuts and bolts of education, but here are a few reasons why you should invest an hour in listening to it:

1.  It will make you feel good.

2.  It is a story about overcoming the really hard things in life.  As you know, I believe that, relative to the really hard things in life, changing schools is not hard, but uncomfortable.

3.  The remarkable congruence between a famous, formally-trained performance psychologist and a young woman with a unique life experience and great understanding but no formal training in habits of the mind.  Yes: there are habits and practices that work well, no matter the challenges we face, if we just learn to apply them.

4.  As the young lady says, “Whether or not I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there, and I’m going to make it through.”

5.  Individuals and teams that perform at high levels share certain characteristics.  In this one hour you will hear what many of those are, through a lens that you have probably never considered before.  Maybe that will help you, or members of your team, to get past jargon and see high performance in a new way.

6.  The young lady happens to be my daughter, which is not a reason to invest the hour, but worth mentioning.  How she managed to do what she describes, with the understanding she has, is utterly beyond me. Having read a draft of the manuscript she has written about this, I can only assure you that, in this podcast, she is holding back on just how bad things were.

Happy listening!



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