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A Very Worthwhile Hour of Powerful Learning

Most of you don't have many spare hours, or maybe you do, but only when you are driving somewhere or on a plane.  Fine; here is a great way to spend that hour. It is a podcast that is not about the nuts and bolts of education, but here are a few reasons why you [...]

The Asymmetry of Headwinds and Tailwinds

When you are riding a bike and the wind is in your face, you think of little else other than, "when will I turn a corner and have the wind at my back?"  When the wind is at your back, you tend to fairly quickly forget the boost you are being given.  This is the [...]

Will We Re-Find the Center of America? Post 1 of 3 on Sen. Ben Sasse’s Book “The Vanishing American Adult”

Part One of a three-part series on The Vanishing American Adult, by Sen. Ben Sasse   Ben Sasse and I are very different people. Sasse is a conservative Republican who grew up in rural Nebraska, and now represents that deep red state in the United States senate.  I am a fiscally pragmatic, social progressive, usually-votes-Democratic, [...]

Will the U.K. Start to Incubate/Accelerate Education Transformation?

You likely know the reputations of Oxford University and Eton College. Less familiar might be Queen Anne’s School, in Reading, just 30 miles west of London.  What can my four days of visits at these three centers of learning tell us about the state of education innovation in the world today? Queen Anne’s School is [...]

“We are all learners, starting with me”

What if all teachers told their students, "We are all learners, starting with me"? How would that change our school cultures? How would that shift the frame of schools from teaching to learning?  How would that encourage a more intrinsically engaged relationship between teachers and students? As many of you know, my daughter, Cassidy, was [...]

Join Us For Free Sandbox: “Teacher Leaders”

When the only "do differently" feedback is "we wanted more", you know you are on the right track! In a user survey of our latest Sandbox event, 95% said they loved it, would recommend a next session to colleagues, and just wanted more time.  Sandbox is the future of learning for both adults and students, [...]

Another Innovator Breaking the Mold of “School”

Claire Amos is a leading educator and visionary in New Zealand; she has been one of the key founders of Hobsonville Point Secondary School, about which I have written and shared extensively.  Now Claire is launching newly designed City Senior School at the Launching Pad, and rather than me re-drawing the picture, just read her blog [...]