Bay Area Mini-#EdJourney in September

What schools in the San Francisco Bay Area are burning brightly with brushfires of innovation? Might I come visit, observe, reflect, and share with your faculty and/or students? I normally charge a daily consulting fee, but maybe we chalk this trip up to research?

I am honored to be a featured speaker and have a book signing for #EdJourney at the first annual Los Altos School District EdSummit on Sept. 18-20. And I somehow, stupidly, agreed a year ago to lead the organizing committee for my high school 40th reunion (yeah, I am old) in Palo Alto the weekend prior.  So I have several days to visit schools in the area. Am already working on a visit to Palo Alto High where I know innovation is percolating in many ways.

Other nominees and suggestions?  I promise to share a full blog on each visit.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Bay Area Mini-#EdJourney in September

    1. glichtman


      This is Schaefer Charter, right? Looking at the website and seeing some interesting things! Let me see how my schedule plays out; I am in Sonoma on Tuesday so pretty close; may be able to organize something for Wednesday. Can you send me an email: so we can connect that way? Thanks!


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