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How Might I Help You When I’m In Town?

As I coordinate speaking events related to the release of my new book, #EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education, with my work with schools and school associations around the country, I am trying to make my travel as efficient as possible. Am I coming near you? Right now my fall-spring calendar looks something [...]

Back On the Road (Well, In the Air)

  I am so happy to announce that my new book, #EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education, will be published by Jossey-Bass, a Wiley brand, in early September. It has received some wonderfully generous comments from a range of educational thought leaders. Since completing my solo 89-day, nationwide tour of 64 schools, I [...]

Building Interdisciplinary Capacity and (not in) Schools

Check out blog by Thomas Steele-Malley on development of interdisciplinary programs; very rich in links to those schools who are leading the way.  In particular, this video about a group of schools in Wisconsin, Interdisciplinary Learning Collaborative, is a treat. It reminded me of my visit to Meridian Academy in Boston. What a great idea: [...]

More Endorsements for #EdJourney, Coming in September

Another set of truly generous endorsements from education thought leaders from K-12 and college, public and private, for #EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education. Thanks to all!  Link here to announcement flyer; please share!   "… on par with Horace’s Compromise, Theodore Sizer’s seminal 1984 descriptor of the failures of America’s high schools. [...]

Endorsements For New Book, #EdJourney, Available in September

Honored to announce that my new book will be available by the first of September!  Link here to a two-page flyer with some very generous endorsements!  I am in the process of sending out email announcements and starting to set up days/weeks to be in various parts of the country during the 2014-15 school year [...]

Visit to the Innovation Mothership: Stanford d.School

Last fall, David Kelley was kind enough to participate in a fireside chat on the popular weekly #DTK12CHAT that links educators who are interested in how design thinking can be embedded more deeply and purposefully in K-12 education.  If you don’t know, David was co-founder of global design thinking firm IDEO and a principal founder [...]

#EdJourney Continues: Curiosity and Creativity are Norms at Nueva School

“We have a long history of not building walls.”  I guess once host Kim Saxe, Director of Innovation at Nueva School told me that, I could have just driven to the airport, satisfied with a key lesson for the day.  But of course I did not, and was privileged to spend a couple of hours [...]

Dewey Lives in Pioneering Public School: BIG Ideas School, Cedar Rapids

What if a standards-based public high school was built entirely around student-designed projects, and driven by engagement, passion, community interactions, and action-oriented results?  Would it serve the needs of both high achieving students and those who have struggled with school in the past?  Is this the niche of elite college preparatory schools or the ones [...]

What Really Works? Crowdsource Ideas With Eric Juli and Design Lab School

Feel like a challenge?  Want a GREAT professional development opportunity? Sure, your school work is FULL of challenges; why take on one more?  Well, because that is what we do! If you have followed this blog you will have read about Eric Juli and Design Lab School in Cleveland.  It is an inner city choice school serving the [...]

Highlights From a Busy Fall!

Last fall my EdJourney took me to 64 schools via 10,000 miles in my Prius.  This fall it was six cross country round trip flights in seven weeks, with many stops along the way, to work and learn with something like 1,500 teachers, students, administrators, and parents who care deeply about the future of our [...]