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Student-Owned Differentiated Learning, Low $$: MC2 School, NH.

Once again, I have found a way to visit a remarkable school, share the details with all of you, and NOT pack my Prius and drive around the country.  EdJourney continues, this time with a charter school that is pioneering and sharing a remarkable arc of student-owned, differentiated, competency-based learning, and doing it with a [...]

Gorbis and Saveri: More Evidence That Foundational Change is Inevitable and Already Here

As I am writing chapters to my book and an article for Independent School Magazine, I find threads from both inside and outside of education weaving together into a tapestry of future vision that is both exciting and inevitable.  I came across two more such threads today, or more accurately confirmation of threads from two [...]

Into My Future

As many of you know, I formally resigned my position at Francis Parker School this spring after almost a decade and a half in a variety of leadership positions.  I hope to continue my association with Parker, which my great aunt and uncle founded 100 years ago, in informal ways.  For now, and following on [...]

Join Me for Whipple Hill Webinar on School Change This Thursday

I will be interviewed in a Google Hangout hosted by Whipple Hill this Thursday, 5/9, starting at 2 PM Eastern Time.  Register here. Peter Baron of Whipple Hill has been following my journey around the country to visit more than 60 schools last fall, and the subsequent synthesis of the insights I gained from that [...]

From the Mouths of Babes

Tell me again why strategic planning takes a year, costs tens of thousands of dollars in consultant fees, and produces inside the box ideas?  Another way?  Read on! Yesterday I was happy to work with a group of faculty, staff, and trustees at Poughkeepsie Day School who are generating the schools updated strategic plan.  On [...]

Don’t Fly With Me

First moral of this story: don’t book your travel with me. If I were a sailor, the crew would have thrown me overboard by now. Last Sunday: watched Denzel Washington crash land a plane in “Flight”. Last Wednesday, Dallas to Richmond.  Emergency landing in Nashville, no real explanation.  Fly to Atlanta with a connection to [...]

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The Critical Move From Vision to Action: St. Christopher’s School, Richmond

St. Christopher’s School is a K12 boys school in Richmond, VA.  They celebrated their centennial last year, have strong admissions demand, and are considered in the top tier of schools in the Richmond market.  So why does a school like St. Christopher’s embark on a path of innovation to change what and how they teach?  [...]