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EdJourney Summary and Future Work Up on Whipple Hill Site

One of the sponsors of my fall EdJourney, Whipple Hill, asked for a trip summary and look ahead.  You can go to their blog update page for the full text, but here is a bit of what is in store as I work through the mounds of notes and video I collected:

I have been asked to speak to teachers, heads of school, business officers, admissions directors, and trustees, and while I will tailor the active learning portions of these workshops for each audience, I have found that we must get away from compartmentalizing the story of our organizations based on function. As we shift from a reliance on traditional strategic planning – which has a long wavelength – to a focus on creating organizational value – which is more attuned to the speed of external change – we all have to be on the same page, contributing in our areas of knowledge and expertise, but with a common background and shared vision.

I have started work on the book, which will incorporate much of the narrative from the 64 schools I visited.  It is rich ground to mine!
Thanks again to Whipple Hill for the sponsorship; how often these days do companies invest in an unknown with no real suggestion of a return, just because we need to expand our overall knowledge base.  That is forward thinking.
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