My Career/Passion Sketch; What About Yours?

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My Career/Passion Sketch; What About Yours?

What might we learn by looking in our own rearview mirror? In reading Rise of the DEO by Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland, I noted the quick sketches of life/career by some of their interviewees. I grabbed a flip chart pad and knocked together my own career/passion pencil scribble in less than ten minutes.  And then a stroke of selfish genius.  A few weeks earlier, a wonderful educator, Jolina Clement of The Archer School in LA, had sent me her doodle-vision of the keynote I delivered at the ATLIS ed-tech conference in San Francisco. I shot her my sketch and asked if she might take a go at it with the same sense of flair, empathy, and interpretation.  Here it is.  Now, I am NOT saying Jolina will do the same for all of you (though I think she has a career path here if she wants it!).  But I learned some huge lessons in this little exercise. The biggest is this: I can trace my last 4+ decades back through powerful moments of “Wow; I could really do THAT?!”  Those moments of “wow” are the hinges in my life, the points of powerful deviation, of risk, pursuing passion instead of instant gain, of the “dissonance of dissatisfaction”. Thanks, Jolina for adding depth, color, and insight to my mirror!


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