Thanks, Thanks, for Joining; Beat in Chicago

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Thanks, Thanks, for Joining; Beat in Chicago

It has been an 18 hour day; three school visits since I posted about The College School, but I just can’t catch up right now.  Incredible learning with staff and students at MRHMS, Crossroads, and New City in the last day and a half, then I bolted for Chicago for meetings at Latin and Francis W. Parker tomorrow before heading to Indiana.  My only unfulfilled wish today?  My car did a lousy job of channeling a -70’s vintage painted-out Illinois cop car and I would have given anything for the Blues Brother’s sound track when I hit Jolliet rolling north on I-55!

Before crashing, I just want to REALLY thank all of you who have joined me with sharing and energy on this journey.  I had more than 600 blog views today…what a powerful lift!  Now think about something: we are only two weeks into the journey, and this many educators are following.  How many will we have in another two weeks?  What if you each share with one more colleague?  And then what if everyone committed to reach out to just one other school that you learn is doing something really interesting or innovative in your area of interest?  Just one over the next 2-3 months!  Think of the very real explosion of FREE professional growth, sharing, and innovation!

Special thanks to Jamie Baker at Martin Institute for calling me on the road today to check up on me, and to all the new followers on Twitter.

Bless you all for riding along with me!


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