The Week Ahead in Atlanta

The Week Ahead in Atlanta

Just a quick note here to all followers:  I have made it to Atlanta, which has been one of my key destinations since I envisioned the journey.  There are so many folks here not only thinking about what learning should look like but putting it in practice.  Tomorrow we are getting together to do a live webcast via SAIS at noon.  During the rest of the week I will be visiting with Trinity, Lovett, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian, Walker, and Woodward Schools.  I will also get to spend time with our friend Bo Adams at Unboundary. These folks here are so hospitable that I am going to have a hard time getting much time to write in the evenings, so stick with me, and I will try to catch up by the weekend.

I also want to thank the folks at NBOA for inviting me to kick off their Strategic Leadership Forum in Chicago yesterday.  The group is working on innovation and change leadership with Howard Teibel today and tomorrow, which will be an invaluable learning experience.  It is great to be involved with so many enthusiastic educators as we move from the era of “sit and get” professional growth to active learning.  We blew through a lot of post-its during my opening session, and all held great ideas for how to move things forward back at respective schools.

Thanks so much to all who are following my journey; we have surpassed 24,000 blog views since I left San Diego, and I know that many of you have connected with colleagues at other schools to share your ideas.  If you have not done so already, pick a school, an idea, an innovation that intrigues you, and pick up the phone and connect!

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