Week 5 Video Wrap-Up; On to D.C.

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Week 5 Video Wrap-Up; On to D.C.

I am holed up in a small town in Connecticut for the weekend, getting caught on the blog, copying video files, making plane reservations for Thanksgiving week, confirming visits through early November, logging key take-aways, and creating a new and critical list of lessons: what obstacles to innovation have people cited in these visits.  It is LONG, but the same obstacles, in slightly different form, keep repeating.  This may be one of they key outcomes of the whole journey, because, as we ALL know (?), identifying the problem is harder than creating a solution.

By the way, New Englanders are tough.  There was an outdoor wedding going on in town last night, about 45 degrees. Who plans an outdoor wedding for a Friday night in mid-October in Connecticut?

I think most of you also follow Bo Adams’ blog, It’s About Learning, and if you don’t, you really should.  But I realized I had not been adding these video updates to my blog, so here is the one we recorded yesterday.  You can find the earlier videos on Bo’s blog or on YouTube. It is getting darn cold up here in the northeast; am happy to be headed to DC tomorrow and then points south.

I have visited 32 schools so far, and every one has taught us something we can use about innovation.  I have about 25 visits left, and we can expect even more lessons as I will try to tease new and important points to share out of each school.  Thanks for joining the journey!


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  1. Catherine Thiemann March 3, 2013 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    Good call on the Bo Adams blog — I checked in, found an eye-opening TED talk by Sugata Mitra, and am now a follower. Thanks!

    • glichtman March 3, 2013 at 6:46 pm - Reply

      Bo has become a great colleague and friend, and is a hugely bright light in the field of innovative thinking. I hope we will be working closely together in a number of ways going forward.

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