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Wisdom Road Day #18: Finding Common Ground

The Perino family have been ranching horses and cattle near Newcastle, Wyoming for several generations. I got to spend a couple of hours around the kitchen table with two of those generations, including an invitation to a wonderful lunch. I will report in more detail, but this was such a key takeaway: Patriarch Matt Perino [...]

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Wisdom Road Day 17: Moving Into Native Lands

I have walked many forest paths; until now perhaps the most viscerally mythical was the trail through moss-hung trees in central Nepal after which Tolkien modeled his Elfin Lothlorien.  A walk in the Paha Sapa, what most of us now call the Black Hills of South Dakota, rivals that.  The veil between what-was and what-is [...]

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Wisdom Road Sept. 11: Advice and Life Lessons From an Old Veteran

Don was born in 1928. Growing up on a farm outside of Wheatland, Wyoming then was tough.  He said that they really didn't experience the Depression because everyone was so poor already.  He graduated high school right at the end of World War II.  What a treat for me to spend some time with an [...]

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Wisdom Road Day 13: Small Town Life, Values, and Fears: Chugwater, Wyoming

Chugwater, Wyoming is farm and ranch country, mostly dry farming, so rain is a constant part of the discussion.  Cattle need 10-15 acres for every cow-calf pair.  Keith Miller and two sisters, Lucinda Houtchens and Teresa Baker, all grew up together, went to school together, and helped each other on their family ranches.  During our [...]

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Wisdom Road Day 12: Sharon Utter From Wheatland, WY

Sharon Utter's shirt reads, "America Needs More Cowgirls" Sharon Utter grew up on a ranch between Jay Em and Lingle, Wyoming.  She helped me organize a set of interviews, portions of which I will post over the next several days. Like the others I met in Wheatland, she is a bit older than [...]

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Wisdom Road Day 8: Where Are All the Cattle?

Answers are usually just one person away you haven't met yet. There are something like 1.3 million head of cattle in Wyoming.  That works out to an average of about one head for every six acres of land in the state.  Of course there is land that is off limits for grazing, so the density [...]

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Wisdom Road Day 7: An Outlier Brings Her Perspective to Rural Wyoming

Rachelle and Dan Barkhurst live in Encampment, WY, a town of about 500 people. They let me park my rig overnight in their yard. Rachelle grew up in a town in Missouri.  Her mother was an early pioneer in marketing formal wear over the internet.  Rachelle got interested in fashion and her life took more [...]

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Wisdom Road Day 6: Three Wise Women From Baggs, WY

The first stop of my journey, after a three-day, 900 mile drive from southern California through the fried and baked Nevada desert and the bare, vaulted geologic skeletons of Utah, is Baggs, Carbon County, Wyoming.  Just a few miles over the Colorado-Wyoming state line, I crest a hill on the two-lane and laid out below, [...]

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