Links I Find and Share

Links I Find and Share

I am starting to research my next book and in the process will be interviewing education thought and action leaders from around the country. As I do so, I will run across great tidbits, and of course I love to share, and will drop them into Tweets and here on my blog from time to time.

Check out what Don Buckley and partners are doing at Tools At Schools, a program that brings long-term student-led design projects into schools. In one of their programs they have brought in Staples as a design team partner, and student-designed products are already on the shelves at Staples.

Jal Mehta and the Transforming Teaching team at Harvard Graduate School of Education are building a community of K-12 change around site-based R&D, social connections amongst stakeholders, and facilitating open design challenges on how we might reimagine school.

St. George’s School in Memphis is a private school that has joined a city-wide partnership for community service, and is building it into a long-term commitment in their high school learning program to authentically bridge the gap between school and community.

More to come as I conduct phone and video interviews for my book; somewhat more efficient than getting back in my Prius for three months!



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