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Designing For Civility

A key takeaway from Wisdom Road is not a surprise:  America has seen a dramatic loss of civil discourse in the last decade.  The skills and practice of civility itself have become endangered by a toxic stew of political, social, and opinion-masquerading-as-news media. I believe that the very foundations of our democratic society are rooted [...]

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More Gems From Southern Louisiana

So many great people and interviews; too much to synthesize and post thoughtully, so just a few great quotes from the last two days in southern Louisiana: From Darrell Bourque, former Poet Laureate of Louisiana, and current poet/writer: "I was at Northside High School in Lafayette when they first integrated in 1967. Their idea of [...]

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Diving Into Acadian Louisiana on Wisdom Road

Miss Gina Zachery is why I am on Wisdom Road; a surprise "interview" with my morning Lyft driver: "Wisdom is the beginning of getting everything you want in life. Basically, wisdom is the beginning of understanding. If you have wisdom, you're gonna know that if you treat a person a certain kind of way, it [...]

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The Real Fuel of Wisdom Road

Wisdom Road is not fueled by diesel alone.  Much more, it is fueled by generosity, hospitality, patience, and a willingness to both invite in, and share deeply, with a total stranger.  The vast majority of people I meet along the way, I have never met before.  They don't know who I voted for in the [...]

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Brother Henry Testifies His Story on Wisdom Road

I would write a lengthy blog quoting Brother Henry Mooney who I interviewed today in his tiny church next door to where he serves food and provides clothing to the homeless three days a week.  He grew up on these tough streets of San Antonio, graduated high school, went into the Army, and when he [...]

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Part 2 of 2: The Roots of Conservative Values

As I noted in my previous blog, I had wide-ranging discussions with J.P. Bryan over more than four hours in Marathon, Texas.  These are just a few highlights; I will reserve more for the book.  J.P.'s personal history, knowledge of the history of this part of America, and ability to place those into the context [...]

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Part 1 of 2: Foundation of a Value System With J.P. Bryan

If I had stuck strictly to my Wisdom Road mantra of finding “overlooked” voices in America, I would have missed the remarkable opportunity to spend time with J.P. Bryan yesterday in Marathon, TX.  I doubt J.P. has been overlooked for much in his life.  He is a long time business leader in finance and oil [...]

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Wisdom From the Farm: Wilcox AZ

Kathy and Toby Collins met in high school when both of their families started farming about six miles south of Wilcox, Arizona.  They have been married, according to both of them, for “64 blessed years”.  There are not many family farms left in the valley.  A dairy came in and bought up a lot of [...]

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