Courage to Change Springs From Social Proof and Social Herding

Danvers Fleurry at TalentedApp reminded me last week that behavioral change is almost always a function of courage.  We don't change our personal or professional behaviors, even if we cognitively know we want to, unless we have the courage to walk over that bridge. Where do we find that courage? Major sources, and probably increasingly [...]

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Sharing My Personal “How To” Archives in New Book

Education is better off when we all share as much as we can. I decided to not hold anything back in my new book, THRIVE: How Schools Will Win the Education Revolution. In addition to what I hope you will find is a wealth of ideas about how to make your school or district what [...]

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What College Are We Prepping Kids For?

What does it mean for a student to go to a "college prep"-focused school today? In a provocative, well-researched, and often disturbing article in the New York Times, leading author Paul Tough takes a deep dive into the profound challenges that most colleges and universities face in balancing the desire for diversity and the reality [...]

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By Definition, Better Learning Is “Innovation”

Our colleague Miguel Guhlin started a good discussion on Twitter and in his blog post about so-called innovative practices in K-12. Miguel was prompted by an article by Mike Schmoker that questions if "innovations" like design thinking and makerspaces actually  improve learning more than time-tested, research-proven activities. My response:  Yes, and! By definition, innovation leads [...]

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More Schools That “Do School Differently”

In my new book, THRIVE: How Schools Will Win the Education Revolution, there is an appendix with a list of schools that I have curated over the last five years, schools that "do school differently".  I offer this as a "starter kit" for my readers, schools with which you can share ideas and igniters of [...]

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Media Bias Tool a Boon for Thoughtful Educators

One of our newest and most profound challenges as educators is navigating the poorly charted waters of truth and falsity in our media stream.  Of course, there have been news sources of questionable repute in the past, but the volume and rapidity of the media stream, both creating, and as a result of, increased political [...]

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The Best Short Start-of-Year Read I Can Share

Like many of you, I have taken the summer off from at least part of my "day job": blogging. I led several summer institutes and am getting my new book finalized for delivery in October, but I got lazy here on the blog front.  And that is sort of going to continue as I ease [...]

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We Know the Future Better Together

Is it a bit stupid to start a post about the inaccuracy of crystal ball predictions by making a prediction?  Probably. I have been saying for some time that we have entered an era of human interaction that is fundamentally different from any time in the past.  In the past, big, impactful ideas that drive [...]

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Who Says We Can’t Personalize High School Learning Systems?

Given: student-centered, deeper learning is easier to deliver at lower grade levels. Given: College admissions practices continue to keep high schools more "in the box" of a worn out learning model. What if we stopped wringing our hands over things we can't control, and changed what we can?  That appears to have been the case [...]

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